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Smoking Cbd

There are many reasons why smoking CBD has become a popular past-time; some people smoke CBD because they enjoy the taste and aroma of quality cannabis while others smoke it for health benefits. For whatever reason you find it a positive experience, you can have confidence in the quality of our smokable hemp pre-rolls from The Real Stuff. Our genuine organic hemp cigarettes taste and smell like the real thing and contain 80 mg of CBD in each stick. Try them yourself and taste the difference quality makes in your smoke.

5 Key Benefits of Smoking Our Hemp Cigarettes

1. Filtered smoking means you won’t have a harsh inhale experience. We believe the best pre-roll CBD cigarettes should include the best filter on the market- so we’ve designed and manufactured our own, made from biodegradable hemp. If you don’t relish the recoil from smoking a non-filtered joint, consider trying our filtered pre-rolled CBD joints.

2. You won’t get high from smoking our CBD hemp cigarettes; with less than .03% of THC, there’s nothing to worry about when you want to enjoy a relaxing smoke with a true marijuana taste. Consistent in-house and 3rd party testing ensures target levels of THC and CBD are met with every batch of hemp smokes we produce.

3. Our hemp CBD products are totally sustainable, from the premium CBD hemp flower and leaf we use to our hemp rolling paper, hemp filter, and hemp box- we do it all for a love of our environment and a commitment to saving the planet for future generations to enjoy. You can read more about the benefits of smoking CBD cigarettes on our website where you’ll find free resources and blog articles.

4. If you use CBD for managing pain or dealing with a particular health condition, you’ll find that smoking our CBD cigarettes can offer a relaxing experience at the end of a long day or during interval break times at work or at home. With 80 mg of CBD in each smoke, you’ll find that our smokes pack a powerful punch and offer faster results than consumable products or topicals.

5. CBD hemp cigarettes from The Real Stuff are affordable! Compare our smokes with other CBD cigarettes found on other websites and you’ll discover that ours are among the most affordable while consistently adhering to our strict quality standards. A single pack of 20 hemp smokes is just $9.99 through our website- a great value that will last for days when smoked responsibly.

Shop and save on premium quality CBD cigerettes and enjoy smoking CBD whenever you want to take the edge off of your busy day or reduce anxiety levels. We’re confident you will love smoking our filtered pre-rolls and enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of real cannabis without the THC to worry about.

Pick up a pack of 20 smokes and give them a try- while they’re not addictive, we’re sure you’ll be back to stock up on our hemp smokes.



Smoking Cbd


Hemp Cigarettes Shop

CBD Cigarettes: Up to 10% CBD, that’s 80 milligrams per stick.

Hemp Filter: Yes, even our filter is made of hemp. This means a natural smoke, with a biodegradable filter.

Paper: You guessed it, the paper is made of hemp.

Box: Yes, the box is also made from hemp.


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The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - cbd pre roll

The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - Smoking Hemp Cigarettes

The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - cbd cigarettes for sale

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