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The Real Stuff™ 20

The Real Stuff™ 20

(17 customer reviews)

The Real Stuff Solitos™

The Real Stuff™ CBD & CBG Hemp Cigarettes


Our 20-Pack of The Real Stuff CBD Hemp Cigarettes are made with organic hemp flower and up to 10% CBD, that’s 80 milligrams of high quality CBD delivered by every single smokable. We pride ourselves on making the sticks for you here in our own factory in San Diego, California, feel free to stop by and visit us at any time, we’ll give you the nickel tour and show you how your product is made.


In The Real Stuff™ hemp smokable the entire product is made out of hemp, this includes the box, the filter, even the paper, making our product sustainable and biodegradable.


17 reviews for The Real Stuff™ 20

  1. Stevon Nicholas (verified owner)

    As someone who suffers from ptsd and insomnia when a friend of mine gave me one I was skeptical. After a multiple nights of resting and relaxing very little I fired it up and within 20 mins felt extra relaxed and damn near fell asleep driving home. I was rewarded with one of the best sleeps and calmness I had in quite a while. Real Stuff now has a new customer

  2. KB (verified owner)

    Awesome product very clean smoke and ashes

  3. KB (verified owner)

    Awesome product very clean ashes and no harsh taste.

  4. Alexander (verified owner)

    Satisfyingly Great stuff !!!!!!

  5. Jasmin (verified owner)

    I usually dont smoke but these are great.

  6. T. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and affordable! Will only buy from here from now on.

  7. Jennifer Looney (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for, perfect really. As a former cigarette smoker I was looking for something without nicotine to enjoy, looks like I found it.

  8. Alexander

    Awesomely reliable when need to take the edge off without getting high or smoking cigarettes

  9. Xavier Pozo (verified owner)

    A subtle elevated calming effect.

  10. James A Draut

    bet these are great! but I live in Idaho……maybe I’ll get my brother in Ca to order some!

  11. Christianna Gehris (verified owner)

    A friend of mine recommended these and they did not disappoint!! So much better than any other hemp smoke that I’ve tried! Will be buying again!!!

  12. Karen (verified owner)

    Great product!! It doesn’t taste like hay like the other products and costs the same. Can’t wait until they’re in my local Walmart! Fast shipping!!

  13. Johnny Ruiz II (verified owner)

    These are the best for my anxiety at home. It’s what cigarettes were supposed to do imo. In between breaks ill usually smoke one of these, really is amazing.

  14. Bradley Dunham (verified owner)

    Simply amazing! I have tried other brands and nothing compares to the quality of these. Have been sharing with friends and after trying, they have also ordered more! Keep up the good work.

  15. Toni (verified owner)

    Smooth inhaling and helping me to stop smoking cigarette’s – Hemp/smokables are something I’ve done in a gathering w/friends after dinner. Always a favorite time to smoke Hemp. I’ve now placed 2 orders, and shipped w/in 2 days. Owners/CEO’s are the best! Always keeping us updated with newer products to try. Keep disrupting! Appreciate your team at Hempacco and the hardwork! Thanks! Toni/Kansas City MO

  16. Rob (verified owner)

    Quick 2 day delivery, and a great product and experience. Already having to purchase more, a carton this time. Looks like I’ll finally be free of tobacco cigarettes for good. Feels and smokes just like my old tobacco brand of smokes which is important and why other ‘quit smoking’ products failed in the past. No more smelling like an ashtray either. CBD benefits a plus and helps with nicotine withdrawal it seems. Finally! Thanks guys and thanks for the freebies.

  17. Daniel (verified owner)

    Amazing. Nice, straight to the point and feels good. I don’t smoke but this felt nice. Didn’t cough once.

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The Real Stuff CBD Hemp Cigarettes 20-Pack

One million hemp cigarettes were sacrificed to bring you the very best, highest CBD and organic hemp experience you’ll ever have… guaranteed!

The Real Stuff™ 20-Pack of CBD hemp cigarettes

Since day one, we decided to mix the best organic hemp flower with the highest CBD percentage we could get, regardless of how difficult or how long it took. The result was two years or work and hundreds of thousands of cigarettes that didn’t make the cut, until, one day, we got the perfect blend of flower with leaf, CBD and flavor. Now, you’re the beneficiary of our hard work and sacrifice working over a finicky machine that only wants to produce the very best hemp cigarettes for you.


Yes, it’s true that one million hemp cigarettes gave their life in our research and development process in order to bring you the very best that we could squeeze out of our manufacturing process. But don’t worry, we’ll remember those who gave their life to bring you the very best hemp cigarette you’ll ever find on the market. How can we make this claim, because we test every single hemp smokable out there, we cut it, examine the contents, send it to the lab, and make sure we stay on top, no matter what it takes.


Our hemp cigarettes are not only made with the highest percentage of CBD we can find and deliver to you while still being compliant, we also make sure you get the very best materials, making the actual box that holds your sticks, a hemp box, the filter is also biodegradable and made of hemp as is the paper we use to wrap your smokables. Sustainability and quality are two of the top things we obsess about here in San Diego, so that you can enjoy the very best.


  • Flavor: Original: tastes just like hemp, smells just like hemp.
  • Taste: You can expect an all-natural smokable flower experience with a target of up to 10% CBD. Our natural hemp cigarettes have an earthy taste with a
  • Scent: Our original flavor CBD Hemp Cigarettes smell like hemp, in other words, like pot! But don’t worry, our product is 100% legal and compliant with less than 0.03% of THC.
  • Tested: We have one of the leading national laboratories testing our raw materials and products. The laboratory picks up the product from our facility and takes them to their lab, they then assign a Certificate of Analysis that we publish in our website for everyone to see. We test for more than just THC, we’re the only product on the market that is ultra-meticulous about testing, so we test for heavy metals and microbials. We also test our product three times to ensure every single step in our process is of the highest quality. This doesn’t even include our own strenuous testing o package, filters, blend, and final product.
  • Quality: We’re so focused on quality that we only use 100% organic hemp flower with our special blend of CBD rich hemp leaves. We’re not only focused on giving you an incredible hemp blend, but we feel the same way about the box, the paper, and everything that we use in our product. Yes, the paper and box are also made of hemp, even our filter is made out of hemp and 100% biodegradable.
  • Manufacturing: You’ll be surprised to learn that we own our own factory, so quality, R&D, storage of the hemp and finished product, and logistics are all done by us. We spent two years to make an all natural and biodegradable product before we launched it.

This 20-pack is sealed in our factory at the time of production and stays fresh until the moment you open it and take the first draw.

You’re buying one pack of hemp smokables with twenty hemp cigarettes. 

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