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The Real Stuff Hemp Cigarettes

(5 customer reviews)


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The Real Stuff Hemp Smokables

The Real Stuff 25 Solitos Hemp Cigarettes

Talking about Solitos™ is like discussing hemp cigarettes at their finest quality. Their individual and clearly unique packaging makes sharing and taking them anywhere hassle-free. Each cigarette is crafted from the finest selection of organic hemp, including its filter and paper. This gives us a premium blend of hemp flowers and leaves ensuring an authentic, natural, and eco-friendly consumption. 


Genuine CBD™ cigarettes. We only use top-quality hemp in our Solitos™ cigarettes. Each one is packaged and sealed to preserve its aroma and flavor, offering an unmatched sensory experience with every puff. Made with passion in San Diego, California, our manufacturing processes meet the highest quality standards, bringing the authenticity of hemp to your social gatherings or therapy sessions, thanks to its content of up to 10% CBD. 

  • Flavor: True hemp taste. 
  • Experience: A fresh and unique natural flavor. 
  • Aroma: Pure hemp, similar to marijuana but entirely legal with less than 0.03% THC. 
  • Quality control: We rigorously test our products in leading labs and guarantee quality at every production stage. 
  • Commitment: We only use organic hemp in our products, including the packaging and filter, which is biodegradable.
  • Production: We have our own factory to ensure excellence from start to finish. 

In packs of 25, perfect for convenience stores. When purchasing, you get a display of 25 Solitos™ cigarettes. 


  • Display = 25 Solitos
  • Solitos = 1 hemp cigarette.

The Real Stuff Carton of Hemp Cigarettes

Our packages and packagings are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and quality. Holding the carton in your hands, you'll feel its sturdiness and the sleek design that safeguards your cigarettes. Each pack inside the carton is made of hemp, just like the filters, which are 100% biodegradable. The goal? Ensuring every part of your experience is green and genuine, from the first cigarette to the last.

With a full carton of cigarettes, you'll always have that original and natural pleasure that only quality hemp can offer at your fingertips. It's a statement, a life choice, and a delight reserved for those who can appreciate the finest.


Each carton stands as the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality, bringing together the finest cigarettes that deliver an authentic and unmatched flavor. 

Not only will it delight your senses, but it also remains true to nature and the environment. Hemp and CBD are reshaping the wellness and luxury landscapes, and you have the chance to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Each carton contains 10 individual packs of hemp cigarettes, and each pack has 20 individual hemp cigarettes. 


  • Carton = 10 packs of hemp cigarettes. 
  • Pack = 20 hemp cigarettes.

The Real Stuff Solito Counter Display Hemp Smokables

Introducing "The Real Stuff Solito Counter Display Hemp Smokables", not just as a genuine enjoyment option but also as a golden investment opportunity in the booming hemp market. Picture a product that doesn’t just win over consumers with its unmatched flavor and scent but also reshapes how hemp is showcased at retail points.


With its sleek and innovative design, this display counter is meant to catch eyes and be the star in any shop or establishment. Its display format isn't just a style statement but also a smart strategy to maximize visibility and sales. Each Solito is a taste of what "The Real Stuff" has to offer: genuine flavor, evocative aroma, and assured quality.

For investors, the potential is clear. We're on the brink of a hemp revolution, and "The Real Stuff Solito Counter Display" is your gateway to that prosperous future. The individual format of Solitos™ offers an affordable price point for the end consumer, driving sales and encouraging product trial. It's the perfect mix of accessibility, quality, and enjoyment.

You're purchasing a counter display of The Real Stuff Hemp Cigarettes. Each display comes with a corrugated counter shelf and 4 Solito POP displays. Each display holds 25 Solito hemp cigarettes. 


  • Counter Display = 4 Solito POP displays 
  • POP Displays = 25 hemp cigarettes 
  • Solitos Solito = 1 hemp cigarette.


The Real Stuff™ 20 Solitos

Solitos™ by The Real Stuff: Authenticity in Every Detail. Hemp Cigarettes with CBD & CBG by The Real Stuff™.

Introducing our 20-cigarette hemp pack with CBD. Each one packed with natural hemp flower and a concentration of up to 10% CBD, adding up to a total of 80 milligrams of premium CBD in every cigarette.

The Real Stuff™'s commitment to sustainability is tangible: from the box to the filter and paper, everything is made of hemp, ensuring a fully biodegradable product.


We went through a million hemp cigarettes to bring you the ultimate organic hemp and high-CBD experience. The Real Stuff™ 20-hemp CBD cigarette pack: From the beginning, our mission was to combine quality hemp flower with the highest possible CBD content. After two years and countless tests, we finally found the perfect blend that offers an unparalleled experience. During this process, many cigarettes didn't meet our standards, but it was essential to achieve our goal.

Thanks to this process, which stems from our commitment, our cigarettes not only contain the highest quality CBD but are also made from sustainable materials. From the box, through the filter, to the paper - everything is hemp-based and biodegradable. This commitment to sustainability and quality is one of our top priorities in San Diego

  • Flavor and aroma: Authentic hemp taste and smell, providing a genuine experience.
  • CBD content: Our cigarettes offer up to 10% CBD, delivering a natural earthy taste. 
  • Legality: Despite their authentic aroma, they comply with the law, containing less than 0.03% THC. 
  • Quality control: All our products are rigorously tested by leading labs. We don't just check THC content, but also screen for heavy metals and microorganisms. Plus, we run multiple tests to ensure top quality at every production stage.
  • Commitment to quality: We only use organic hemp flower and a special blend rich in CBD. Furthermore, we value every component of the product equally, from the flower to the packaging, ensuring everything is sustainable and biodegradable. 
  • In-house manufacturing: We own and operate our own factory, allowing us complete control over quality, research, storage, and distribution. Before releasing the product, we spent two years ensuring it was fully natural and eco-friendly. When you purchase this pack of 20, you can be confident that each cigarette has been meticulously produced and sealed to retain the freshness of a fine hemp flower.

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10 Pack Carton, 20 Pack, 20 Pack Carton, Counter Display, Pop-Display

5 reviews for The Real Stuff Hemp Cigarettes

  1. Bradford Jordan

    Hemp is hands down far superior to tobacco. I love these cigarettes and what the company is up to.

  2. David Alexander (verified owner)

    smooth smoke with good taste and quite the aroma!

  3. Boo Radley

    BIG SMOOOOOOOOTH. Friend gave me a pack and I fell in love with them instantly. Definitely helping dread the word.

  4. eric sweatt

    Great Smokes!!

  5. Evoo

    Great alternative to tobacco. Wish there were different flavors.

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