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The Real Stuff 25 Solitos Hemp Cigarettes

The Real Stuff 25 Solitos Hemp Cigarettes

The Real Stuff™

The Real Stuff CBD Hemp Cigarettes™


Solitos™ are individually packed hemp cigarettes. They are perfect to share with your friends or take them on the go. Each of our hemp cigarette Solitos™ are made of 100% organic hemp with a hemp filter and paper to give you an organic, all natural smoke. Yes, we use a high quality blend of hemp flower and leaves to give you the most pure, natural and ecofriendly experience.



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The Real Stuff™ CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Only the highest quality hemp and raw materials go into our CBD Hemp Cigarette Solitos™, they are individually wrapped and sealed for freshness.

Are you looking for the most wonderful CBD hemp cigarette smokable experience of your life? Good, we have something for you, our Solito™ CBD hemp smokable single stick concentrates all of the hype behind smokable hemp into a single powerfully CBD concentrated explosion of flavor that tastes and smells just like, pot, but it’s not!


This conveniently packed hemp smokable is sealed for freshness, form the moment we make it in our own factory in San Diego, California, to the moment you open it anywhere around the world, you’ll smell and taste the freshness of real hemp flower, along with the pride that we put into making our product. Ok, maybe you won’t smell the pride, but you know what I mean.


Enjoy our Solito™ in the original hemp flavor, a rich earthy smoke with a medium strength pull and a smooth burn all the way through. This is the party smoke, make sure you pass them along and share them with your friends so they can also enjoy the benefits of up to 10% CBD that’s in this blend.


  • Flavor: Original: tastes just like hemp, smells just like hemp.
  • Taste: You can expect an all-natural smokable flower experience with a target of up to 10% CBD. Our natural hemp cigarettes have an earthy taste with a
  • Scent: Our original flavor CBD Hemp Cigarettes smell like hemp, in other words, like pot! But don’t worry, our product is 100% legal and compliant with less than 0.03% of THC.
  • Tested: We have one of the leading national laboratories testing our raw materials and products. The laboratory picks up the product from our facility and takes them to their lab, they then assign a Certificate of Analysis that we publish in our website for everyone to see. We test for more than just THC, we’re the only product on the market that is ultra-meticulous about testing, so we test for heavy metals and microbials. We also test our product three times to ensure every single step in our process is of the highest quality. This doesn’t even include our own strenuous testing o package, filters, blend, and final product.
  • Quality: We’re so focused on quality that we only use 100% organic hemp flower with our special blend of CBD rich hemp leaves. We’re not only focused on giving you an incredible hemp blend, but we feel the same way about the box, the paper, and everything that we use in our product. Yes, the paper and box are also made of hemp, even our filter is made out of hemp and 100% biodegradable.
  • Manufacturing: You’ll be surprised to learn that we own our own factory, so quality, R&D, storage of the hemp and finished product, and logistics are all done by us. We spent two years to make an all natural and biodegradable product before we launched it.


They come in a 25 pack that opens up as a retail hemp cigarette pop display. They are perfect for the convenience store retail shelve.

You’re buying one POP-Display of 25 individual Solito hemp cigarettes.
POP-Displays = 25 Solitos Hemp Cigarettes
Solito = 1 Hemp Cigarette
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