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Hemp Wraps

If you like to roll herb, you’ve most likely attempted a cigar or blunt wrapper. However, cigar wrappers and blunt wraps are tobacco products, so when it burns, it releases nicotine and other harmful chemicals. Luckily, hemp wraps offer a cleaner alternative to standard wraps. So if you love blunts but want to avoid infusing nicotine and other chemicals found in tobacco, hemp wraps are the right option. At Real Stuff Smokables, we are proud to provide a natural alternative to traditional tobacco-based options. Here are some of the reasons why more people love our hemp wraps.

100% Organic 

You are most likely aware of the risks related to smoking and the type of chemicals that are usually added to wraps and rolling papers. Fortunately, the high-quality hemp wraps produced at Real Stuff Smokables are 100% organic hemp. Our method of farming CBD hemp flower is organic, starting from the seed. We pride ourselves in not using any growth stimulants, pesticides, formulated fertilizers, or antibiotics.

Besides the cultivation of our hemp products, we also don’t use any toxic ingredients in our adhesive. While most hemp wrap manufacturers use glue with harmful chemicals, Real Stuff Smokables wraps are 100% organic, inside and out.


Most hemp wraps contain small trace amounts of tobacco. Some were even created with tobacco inside as mini cigars. Cannabis smokers will buy the mini cigars, empty the tobacco and smoke it with cannabis inside. Now that cannabis is legal in most states and countries, there is no need for cannabis users to opt for products that only hold the tobacco. Most smokers know that tobacco is more harmful to the lungs than cannabis. And fortunately, our hemp wraps are completely tobacco-free.

Flavor Customers Love

The flavored wraps offered by Real Stuff Smokables kick the experience up a notch and allow a different sensation everything you light up. The result is years of work until we get the perfect blend of Hemp CBD products. Today, you are the beneficiary of our hard work over a low-quality CBD hemp cigarette produced by other companies.

Doesn’t Produce a High

Our hemp contains less than 0.03% of THC, so smoking it alone won’t make you high. So, you’ll likely be able to pass a drug test if you use our cannabis-free hemp wraps. However, if you use hemp wrap with marijuana, THC will be introduced into your system, and a trace of it can be detected by various types of drug test screening methods. So, you can have a better smoking experience every time you draw out your hemp wraps without bothering about getting high.

Smoking with hemp wraps is a healthy and fun way to smoke your marijuana. It is an excellent alternative compared to tobacco wraps, and it offers a lot of health benefits. Here at Real Stuff Smokables, we are committed to offering the best possible hemp wraps to ensure a great smoking experience. We also offer the best pre-roll CBD cigarettes and pre-rolled CBD joints available. Shop and buy our products!




Hemp Wraps


Hemp Cigarettes Shop

CBD Cigarettes: Up to 10% CBD, that’s 80 milligrams per stick.

Hemp Filter: Yes, even our filter is made of hemp. This means a natural smoke, with a biodegradable filter.

Paper: You guessed it, the paper is made of hemp.

Box: Yes, the box is also made from hemp.


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