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Hemp CBD Cigarettes Hempacco Tour

Hemp CBD Pack of Cigarettes

Let’s talk about how to make Hemp CBD Cigarettes. The first thing that you need is an awesome, organic hemp blend, which we use at Hempacco. This is our house blend. We already prepared it and passed it through our quality control. The hemp we use is organic, 100% California pure blend. What we do from here is we put the hemp in this hopper. The hopper goes in here and then the hemp molecules are airlifted and they’re placed through this tube. The other molecules, the heavier molecules are discarded. So only the finest, smallest molecules go into the system and they come through here.


The hemp tipping paper we are using for this batch is black paper. You can see the black hemp paper here. The hemp roll goes here and the tipping paper is completely customized. The tipping paper goes here and it comes through here. You can see it. The hemp is the positive here on the paper, and this is actually glue. The glue comes down and the paper closes with the glue and it continues here. It goes into this.


And then this acts as the gatling gun. You see it here going pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, and you, we can turn it faster, slower, faster, or slower again. This depends on the type of hemp blend we are using. Some blends run faster, some blends run slower. We can go that fast or we can go that slow.


Over here on top, you’ll notice we have filters. I can pick one from here and I can show you this is a film three, but that filter looks very big. Yes, because we cut it, the machine brings the filter down and it cuts the filter. You can see the hemp cigarette filter going here into the machine. It cuts the hemp CBD cigarette filter. So now you have the cigarette without the filter coming through here. The hemp filter is cut and then you have the tipping paper, which goes around the filter and that’s over here.


This is the tipping paper. The hemp tipping paper goes around the filter. Everything is blended, everything comes together here. And you have the single cigarette that comes out right here. Now, what happens here are several things. You have the first inspection, which is an ocular inspection. When the hemp CBD cigarette product comes here, you have the technicians inspecting the CBD hemp cigarettes and making sure everything is good, everything is fine. If something is bad with the batch, they simply open this up and everything comes down for recycling and we extract the hemp from the cigarettes.


If everything looks awesome and ready to go. They’re placed into a hopper that looks exactly like this one. And we fill the hopper with hemp CBD cigarettes. You see the hemp tipping paper that I showed you, you see the black paper that I showed you and you see the final product right here. Let me show you one hemp CBD cigarette so you can see it. This is the final product: black paper with the pink paper that I showed you with the hemp filter right here.

Special Blend Hemp CBD Cigarettes

This is an awesome house blend, which is a CBD-rich California organic blend. Now, what happens next? OK, if you follow me over here, I will show you what we do with this. We grab the hopper and we bring it over here and we put the hopper here on top of this. You see all of these little circles are hemp CBD cigarettes right here. They go like this and from here I’ll pop up this way. You will notice if you come this way, all of these hemp cigarettes are the same.


They’re black with tipping paper. All of these were gravity-fed into our 20-pack machine. You can see here, if you come closer, you will see they’re gravity-fed and then they’re 20. So this little compartment has 20 right here. You don’t need to count them. You can trust me. There are 20 right here. This machine packs 20, 20, 20 right here, 20, 20. So it goes around and it packs 20 hemp CBD cigarettes in each pack.


Now, where are the cigarettes packed into? OK, if you see this gold paper right here, it’s foil. It’s gold foil. It has gold foil and the gold foil comes down and it packs the paper, the hemp CBD cigarettes into 20s. So what you end up with are hemp CBD cigarettes in foil. So if I take my hands in here and fight with the machine so he can give me some foil, you’ll notice that I just stole some foil from the machine.


And inside we reveal the hemp cigarettes right here. That’s what’s inside the foil now. We need more than foil, and this is where we have the inner, which is this roll of big paper that you’ll see down here. That’s the inner goes together with the foil. And it goes over here with the artwork. So all the way over here, you’ll notice that we have some carton artwork. The artwork goes from here and it hugs the big roll of white paper with the foil, the closest together in this machine, and it pushes the finished product, which is a full pack of 20 hemp CBD cigarettes.

Packing Hemp CBD Cigarettes

Now, what happens? We still have to pack it. Then it goes into this conveyor belt over here. It goes through this conveyor belt and you can see I have some here and you’ll notice something is missing, the foil it needs, the foil that goes around.


So that’s what’s missing. So they go in here and you see this is the foil. So if you sneak a shot, you’ll notice that this is foil, it’s cellophane, so the cigarette packs go in here and individually that gets foiled the foiling machine. Follow me. You see the conveyor is running, so you get the foil from here and they push it. See all the way over here. Let me do that again. From here, it pushes the foil and then the packs roll over all the way over here and then they get packed into cartons.


The cartons can be transparent. Cartons can be in a custom display. We also have a design patent on another display that we use as the display merchandiser. And a lot of our clients want the display merchandisers from here. They get packed into displays or into the cart, and from here we’re not done yet. From here, they get pushed. This is an example of a carton in a display. They get pushed in here. Finally, we get the end product over here and we convert it into master cases.


We put the hemp cigarettes into big boxes. Essentially, we palletize it and we send it to the wholesaler, to the master distributor, or to the retailer. And now they’re ready to go. They’re ready to sell. And that’s the process to make twenty packs of hemp CBD cigarettes.


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