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Different Strains Of Weed

How do you choose cannabis plants? There are a lot of criteria for picking them, which all depend on what you want to get from the experience of the strain. People who love sweet flavors and rich aromas are looking for strains that will give them the best taste, some of which will include the following:

  • Durban poison
  • Tangie strain
  • Blue dream
  • Super lemon haze
  • Bubblegum

Why do cannabis plants have different flavors, and how do the best weed strains get their taste?

How Cannabis Plants Get Their Flavor

Cannabis plants have a lot of different flavors, including the more commonly known THC and CBD. Terpenes are lesser-known cannabis compounds responsible for the spicy taste you get on your lips. Flavonoids are another compound present in cannabis and are responsible for the different colors, scents, and flavors.

Terpenes affect the taste of the cannabis strain because they can occur in several different combinations to give off a unique smell or taste. The different types of terpenes get different names depending on how they function, which means that limonene will have a citrusy fragrance and taste, while myrcene will have a skunk smell.

Would you prefer new cannabis strains that have a skunk smell? Hundreds of people enjoy that smell and consider it the more authentic variation among other types. The following is a simple breakdown of different strains of weed that have a great taste, so keep reading, and you could find something new that you enjoy.

A List Of Top Tasty Popular Cannabis Strains


The cleverly named cannabis plant brings in flavors of grapes with a bit of sour taste, unlike anything you have tasted before. The sour taste of this strain does not hurt or irritate the buds because it is an undertone that you can only taste as an aftermath of tasting the grapey bud.


The strain has a mixture of orange, citrus, limonene, and skunk, all in one delightful pack. It is easier to identify the citrusy taste because it stands out the most, but you will love all the different tastes and smells that make up the bud's natural taste.

Big Budhha

The Indica strain has a robust and tungy skunk taste and smell. The experience you get from this bud is unlike any other strain because it leans towards the more authentic earthiness that you expect from a marijuana plant.

Black Cherry

This best-tasting weed strain is from the old-school list of cannabis products and has stood the test of time in the market because of its rich and organic experience. Opening up a pack of the black cherry cannabis will reveal a sweet sugary earthiness that lingers in the air to offer a fair amount of syrup-like taste and smell.

Blue Dream

Blue dream has an inviting spicy and sugary taste that wanes off slowly into a more pine-like taste. You will be satisfied with it if you are only looking for a mild sweetness with a healthy combination of natural deliciousness.

These are only a few of the many sweet-tasting strains of weed, so please check out our site for more information and contact us if you need further assistance on the most potent weed strains.


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Different Strains Of Weed

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Different Strains Of Weed

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