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One million hemp cigarettes were sacrificed to bring you the very best, highest CBD and organic hemp experience you’ll ever have… guaranteed!

CBD Cigarettes: Up to 10% CBD, that’s 80 milligrams per stick.

Hemp Filter: Yes, even our filter is made of hemp. This means a natural smoke, with a biodegradable filter.

Paper: You guessed it, the paper is made of hemp.

Box: Yes, the box is also made from hemp.


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The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - cbd for smoking

The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - cbd pre roll

The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - Smoking Hemp Cigarettes

The Real Stuff Review - Hempacco - cbd cigarettes for sale


The Real Stuff

CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Since day one, we decided to mix the best organic hemp flower with the highest CBD percentage we could get, regardless of how difficult or how long it took. The result was two years of work and hundreds of thousands of cigarettes that didn’t make the cut, until, one day, we got the perfect blend of flower with leaf, CBD, and flavor. Now, you’re the beneficiary of our hard work and sacrifice working over a finicky machine that only wants to produce the very best hemp cigarettes for you.

Yes, it’s true that one million hemp cigarettes gave their life in our research and development process in order to bring you the very best that we could squeeze out of our manufacturing process. But don’t worry, we’ll remember those who gave their lives to bring you the very best hemp cigarette you’ll ever find on the market. How can we make this claim? We test every single hemp smokable out there, we cut it, examine the contents, send it to the lab, and make sure we stay on top of things, no matter what it takes.

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The Real Stuff Hemp CBD Cigarettes
The Real Stuff Hemp CBD Cigarettes

Our hemp cigarettes are not only made with the highest percentage of CBD we can find and deliver to you while still being compliant, but we also make sure you get the very best materials, making the actual box that holds the sticks, a hemp box, the filter is also biodegradable and made of hemp as is the paper we use to wrap your smokables. Sustainability and quality are two of the top things we obsess about here in San Diego so that you can enjoy the very best.


  • Flavor: Original: tastes just like hemp, smells just like hemp.
    Taste: You can expect an all-natural smokable flower experience with a target of up to 10% CBD. Our natural hemp cigarettes have an earthy taste.
  • Scent: Our original flavor CBD Hemp Cigarettes smell like hemp, in other words, like pot! But don’t worry, our product is 100% legal and compliant with less than 0.03% of THC.
  • Testing: We have one of the leading national laboratories testing our raw materials and products. The laboratory picks up the product from our facility and takes them to their lab, they then assign a Certificate of Analysis that we publish on our website for everyone to see. We test for more than just THC, we’re the only product on the market that is ultra-meticulous about testing, so we test for heavy metals and microbials. We also test our product three times to ensure every single step in our process is of the highest quality. This doesn’t even include our own strenuous testing of package, filters, blend, and final product.
  • Quality: We’re so focused on quality that we only use 100% organic hemp flower with our special blend of CBD-rich hemp leaves. We’re not only focused on giving you an incredible hemp blend, but we feel the same way about the box, the paper, and everything that we use in our product. Yes, the paper and box are also made of hemp, even our filter is made out of hemp and 100% biodegradable.
  • Manufacturing: You’ll be surprised to learn that we own our own factory, so quality, R&D, storage of the hemp and finished product, and logistics are all done by us. We spent two years making an all-natural and biodegradable product before we launched it.

From only $9.99

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